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Ulla herself gives us a peak into her life....

1. What was the first piece you designed and how old were you?
it was a pair of shoes - sort of grecian and made of rope and paper towel. I think I was about 5. maybe not my most long lasting creation.

2. What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
if only I could narrow it down to a favorite - every season I have so many new favorites that I cant part with. my closet is absurdly large.

3. What was the worst or most embarrassing job you've ever had?
a bead store (read - helping pre-teens pick and make crafty necklaces) in a mall in traverse city, michigan where I had gone with my then boyfriend/now husband for the summer. I was 18. I lasted 2 weeks.

4. What is your favorite sandwich?
fresh ricotta with honey and thyme on toasted whole wheat. or avocado and parmesan.

5. Do you collect anything?
I seem to have a vessel obsession - vases, vintage apothecary bottles, french porcelain - I have more things to hold stuff then stuff to hold.

6. What city were you born in?
brooklyn, but raised in manhattan. now I have two boys who were born in manhattan but are living in brooklyn. go figure.

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